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spoke parmelee about the time he spends with his daughters, reaction to that hateful n.r.a. ad may have shown how warmly the country has adopted them. chris: i'm chris matthews welcome to the show. with us joe klein from "time" magazine, the bbc's katty kay, nia-malika henderson henderson and david leonhardt. the president addresses the country and he will try to project his will that would block his legacy. opposition to barack obama in some quarters is searing. hear how sean hannity greeted the obama victory in november -- >> america wanted barack obama for four more years, and now we have him. by the way, good luck with that. chris: that was a bit sarcastic. today as the president take the oath, the new nbc wall street poll traces a geographic divide. 60% of americans who live in cities say they like the president personally, and like his policies. in the suburbs 43% like him and his policies. but in rural areas it's just 27%. and that's what you see playing out in congress. also inside the poll 6-10 strong republicans dislike the president personally as well as his policies. joe, th
. steve? >> the nra didn't like the way it went, but a big question is how powerful and influential is the nra here on capitol hill? and the answer might be still plenty powerful, despite the massacre in connecticut and today's shotgun shooting in california which left a student wounded. another s.w.a.t. team at a school. another shooting incident. the images from near bakersfield, california hit networks as vice president biden said he'll send to president obama on tuesday a proposal to change u.s. gun laws. >> diminish the probability that what we've seen will okur and diminish the probability that our children are at risk in their schools. >> reporter: biden who met with hunting groups today and the nra, is expected to recommend a new ban on assault weapons and large-capacity clips. and setting up a stronger background check sim. no exceptions for gun shows and the internet market where 40% of guns get sold in and out without any check to stop sales to criminals or the mentally ill. a mass shooting survivor says changing that is job one. not removing the second amendment, that's
tla it leads to real life violence. >>> task force is being slammed for what the nra is calling a "agenda to attack the second amendment." . biden spent most of their meeting yesterday focusing on restrictions that would impact lawful gun owners. the vice president says those ideas include a universal background check and limiting the size of high capacity magazines. the nra says it will now work with congress to focus on what it calls better options. >> first, school security. that's essential to protecting our children. secondly, reform of the ways had which we deal with the mentally ill and including the violently or potentially violently mentally ill on the list of people not allowed to buy firearms. >> the nra is also pushing for a program to put armed guards in every school in the nation. biden says he will present his recommendations to president obama on tuesday. >>> right now, police in two counties and the district are searching for a dangerous man who broke out of a locked hospital ward. 27-year-old clayton mollenhoff broke down a door to escape washington adventist h
. the nra, other gun owner groups and sportsmen will make their way to the white house this morning. yesterday the task force met with victims' groups and gun-control supporters who say they were encouraged by the conversation. right is biden says the task force will use the discussion to take quick action. >> the president is going to act. there are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. we haven't decided what that is yet. >> representatives from walmart will also join the talks. they originally said they could not attend. the task force hopes to put forth a series of proposals in about a month. >>> president obama is busy forming his cabinet for his second term. he could announce as early as today his choice for treasury secretary. the president expected to nominate jack lew to fill that key post. lew is currently the white house chief of staff. he's also served as white house budget director for presidents obama and clinton. if he's confirmed, he would succeed timothy geithner at the treasury department. >>> the president also looking for a new labor secretary. hi
but the nra says not so fast. >>> a new stomach bug is call the ferrari of viruses. it's fast-moving, highly contagious and u.s. health officials say it's taking over the country. all that, and manti te'o's bizarre explanation. destruction for safety sake. we'll take you to the place where the suns are warm, life is good. "early today" right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, january 25th, 2013. >>> good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. bitterly cold arctic care is gripping parts of the nation this morning for a third straight day. as eye can see single digit temperatures are causing rivers to freeze in the boston area. and in massachusetts, amazing pictures show the thicket rivers fall frozen solid. here in new york, you can see the famous fountain in bryant park is covered in ice. and later on our bill karins will have much more on the deep freeze. that's coming right up. >>> in the after math of the shootings in newtown, connecticut a new bill to propose the bill for assault weapons it be proposed. dianne feinstein names a bill that includes 150 firearms and rifles and pi
giffords, pleading with congress to act on guns while the head of the nra says not so fast. all of this played out at the very moment we heard of another shooting spree. >>> a deadly outbreak of tornadoes tearing up part of the south, along a dangerous line of colliding winter and summer weather that is visible from ace. >>> direct strike. israel has now attacked syria in an air strike. what does this mean for this very dangerous civil war? and all the nations nearby? >>> and the parent trap. if you think it's tough cheering for your kids on the sidelines, imagine your kids are the opposing coaches in the super bowl. tonight, we'll hear from their folks. "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening. it takes just a moment to remember back clearly to the very moment we learned about the shootings at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. to remember how shocked we all were and how sad and sorry a scene that was. well, this is still very much the post newtown era. so ther
universal background checks. >> reporter: but there was little sign that the white house and the nra found any common ground. after today's meeting, harsh words from the nra's president. >> the administration was able to check the box and say they talked to the representatives of firearms owners and the groups that support the second amendment and now they were going to try to proceed with what they wanted to do. >> reporter: the nra reports, since the newtown shooting, its membership has swelled by 100,000, now standing at 4.2 million. and at an oklahoma city gun store, owner miles hall says his customers are preparing for tighter gun laws. >> what was interesting is who was doing the buying. this wasn't anybody crazed or anything about that. they were just people who wanted to have something before the government said they couldn't have it. >> reporter: public policy experts say the politics of gun control have shifted since newtown. >> the tragedy of what happened in newtown and the previous tragedies behind have clearly changed the game on gun control in a way that's historically unpre
of the nra wants the focus on the shooters. >> we need to find ways to get at the root causes of this kind of violence and keep firearms with ten-round magazines, 20-round magazines, whatever, out of the hands of the kinds of people who involve themselves in this kind of activity. and they are invariably severely mentally ill. >> reporter: but the nra is resisting universal background checks. >> if you can get a record of who owns fire arms, the government could force them to sell guns back to the government. that's basically confiscation. >> reporter: a more emotional debate, but not more agreement, at least not yet, despite the massacre at the school. and america remains divided. today's nbc news/"wall street journal" poll finds that the nra has not lost support. since newfound 41% approval, 34% disapproval. steve handlesman, news4. >>> is he a victim? coming up on news4, the latest on the notre dame player with an inspirational story that was all a hoax. >>> protecting the inauguration, why it's going to be even tougher to get a ticket to the swearing-in. ♪ >>> and did lady gaga steal
today. steve? >> recommendations that the nra is almost certain to oppose, maybe in their entirety. it's still a very powerful organization here on capitol hill. the question is, has it lost any power or influence or maybe gained it in the way of the massacres in all erroro, at the school in connecticut and today's shotgun killing in california that left a student wounded. another s.w.a.t. team at a school, another shooting incident. the images hit the networks as vice president said he'll send to president obama on tuesday a proposal to change u.s. gun laws. >> diminish the probability that what we've seen will okur, and diminish the probability that our children are at risk in their schools. >> reporter: the nra is expected to recommend a -- and large-capacity clips, and setting up a stronger background check system. no exceptions for gun shows and the internet market, where 40% of guns get sold in and out without any check to stop sales to criminals or the mentally ill. a mass shooting survivor said changing that is job one. >> not removing the second amendment from everybody. that'
biden. so this morning, the nra's president will speak out in a live interview. >>> also ahead, a startling sight. a chemical in some drinking water that can cause the water to actually catch fire. one family had it happen to them. they'll share their story. savannah will be live in los angeles as they prepare to host the pre-show special on the gloeld en globes. we'll break down the nominees and what you can expect the stars to be wearing on the much talked about red carpet. got those stories and much more ahead as we start on a friday morning here on "today." aaron, back to you. >> matt, we look forward to seeing you sunday night. >> you got it. see you then. >>> 6:37 is your time. after the break, we'll show you that portrait of the duchess of cambridge. >>> also, just when you thought you heard the end of the fiscal cliff, the change you will notice today. >> why we don't have to wait until inauguration day for gridlock in this town. >>> you are embassy has been seized -- >>> a best picture nominee already being remade. why one country says it's going to tell the real story
and limiting the size of high capacity magazines. the nra will work with congress for what will best -- >> check the box and talked to the representatives of firearms owners and the groups that support the second amendment and now they were going to proceed with what they wanted to do. >> the nra is pushing for a program to put armed guards in every school in the nation. biden says he will present his recommendations to president obama on tuesday. >>> while that meeting was going on, across the country gunfire erupted at another school. a 16-year-old boy shot one classmate with a shotgun and tried to shoot another but missed. this was at a high school in taft, california. the boy had been planning the attack and targeted students who bullied him. if teachers prevented more bloodshed in talking the student to putting the gun down. the injured student is in critical but stable condition. >>> the man accused of opening fire inside a colorado movie theater. after four days of graphic testimony of the night james holmes allegedly shot and killed 12 people and injured 70 more in a theater
trafficking. but senator schumer, just as i challenged wayne lapierre of the nra very hard when this came up, i challenge you as well with a question of, is this really going to make a difference? and rich lawry wrote something that caught my attention in "the national review." no one can write a law against mothers owning guns that one day might be turned against them by deranged sons who then commit horrific acts of murder-suicide. shooting rampages are hard to prevent because they are so often committed by young men with no criminal records who want to die. these are adult facts that don't intrude on the childish world of white house policy making. he notes adam lanza in newtown, his own mother of course passed a background check. >> here's the bottom line. these laws are not perfect. and you'll always find certain exceptions. but they make a huge difference. every major person who has studied the brady law, which is the most significant gun safety law we've passed in the last 20 years has said it has reduced gun violence dramatically. law enforcement is totally for the brady law. and the
the fight of the censure troy block them. we are going to talk to the nra's president. >>> and an inside look at scientology. in an exclusive interview, oscar-winning director and former scientology member, paul haggis, says he thinks the religion is a cult. the church says haggis has not been an active member in years and dismisses him as "the hypocrite of hollywood." we will hear from paul haggis and talk to the author of a new book that explores the ties between scientology and hollywood. but we are going to begin with breaking news what could be dramatic developments in that hostage situation involving americans in algeria. nbc's michelle kosinski has the latest for us in london. michelle, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, savannah. this is changing by the minute. the latest from the associated press, quoting an algerian official, is that at least 20 of these hostages have now been able to escape, including americans. the al qaeda-linked militant group that has claimed responsibility for this say they have been holding 41 hostages, among them, we know americans, british, norwegia
as retailers and the entertainment industry. the nra had harsh words for the vice president afterwards. >> the at station was able to check the box and say they'd talked to the representative of firearms owners and the groups that support the second amendment, and now they were going to try to proceed with what they wanted to do. >> as those meetings were takes place, another school shooting. this one in a rural school in rural kern county, california. >>> back in washington later today, biden meets with members are of the video game industry. he'll present his recommendations to the president on tuesday. >>> this terrible flu season continues and the virus has reached epidemic levels in some cities. given the amount of media attention people are now rushing to get flu shots. as nbc news' dr. nancy snyderman reports, the shortage is leading to a number of shots in area. >> reporter: 135 million have been made. this year's flu is especially veer i willent and can spread quickly. experts say you can be exposed to the virus six feet away from a person who coughs or sneezes. once you're in
of the country over the flu. >>> joe biden versus the nra today at the white house. could the president override everyone using executive orders for gun control? >>> americans over 50 are dying earlier the worse since their counterparts. >>> new jersey's stock is rising with democrats. desperate pleas to save these whales, and is that a lion in my neighborhood? "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for thursday, january 10th, 2013. >>> good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. health officials are calling it the worst flu outbreak they've seen in decades. at least 36 people are dead as the virus has now fred to sprun states. boston is now calling is a health emergency. in that state alone, ten times the number all of last flu season. >> it's come back early and rare fiercely. it's a rather veerrile in strain. >> boston will start offering free vaccinations this weekend. some hospitals are prohibiting visitors. experts warn we have not yet reached the peak and they're umping people to get their flu shots. >>> vice presidenten's task force with a sit-down that includes pro
. >> senator, i think you missed it. >> in order. >> reporter: the nra said adding new laws would hit ordinary stricken citizens not criminals. >>> this is the year for immigration reform. that's president obama's hope he laid out his platform with our sister spanish network telemundo. >> we know what's needed when it comes to border security. we know what's needed dealing with employers who may unlawfully hire undocumented workers. we know what the pathway to citizenship looks like abdomen what the criteria should be. so, really the issue here is not so much technical, as political. i'd like to see it done in the first half of the year. >>> hope remains for the search of a missing air force pilot off the coast of italy today. captain lucas guntner disappeared three days ago during a nighttime mission. his wife describes him as a self-reliant outdoorsman. and if anybody could survive this, lucas could. the family remains hopeful because among the debris found so far they say there was evidence he ejected. >>> developing stories to keep an eye on for you. will he or won't he get the nod? hoping
it is a slippery slope to evoke oour other civil liberties. >> nra ceo is expected to testify at a senate hearing. >>> violence continues in egypt. 30 people killed, hundreds injured in protests. the egyptian troops have been deployed to try to control the violence. the protests erupted after 21 people were sentenced to death in connection with a deadly soccer riot that killed 74 people last year. the violence comes a day after nine people were killed in protests against egyptian president mohamed morsi. >>> much of the country stuck in a deep freeze after a mild start to winter. chicago got the first inch of snow in almost a year on friday. tomorrow, ice could lead to travel delays and power outages in the midwest. southern states have been bath battling winter weather from tennessee to the carolinas. streets and sidewalks were coated in ice and snow and we got out of the deep freeze around the washington area today. boy are we in for a roller coasr the next week. kim martucci is in the weather center with a preview for us. >> jim, it only took 108 hours to get above freezing since midnight last
rights' owners and advocates as part of his gun control task force. the nra has other gun owner groups and sportsmen all headed to the white house. >>> walmart, the nation's largest gun retailer will attend a separate hearing with attorney joan eric holder. yesterday the task force met with victims groups and gun control supporters who say that they were encouraged by the conversation the task force is expected to make its recommendations in about a month. >>> new this morning, a major announcement about the presidential cabinet. this afternoon, president obama will nominate jack lew secede timothy geithner as secretary. he's currently the white house chief of staff and budget director. he will be nominated at 1:30 this afternoon and we'll stream it live on don't miss it. >>> talk about funny money, cash may look loopy if lew is confirmed. doesn't this look like a scribble? it's his signature. the treasury secretary's signature appears on all printed money so these loops may pop up on fives, tens and 20's. outgoing treasury secretary timothy geithner's signature impr
governor chris christie has choice words for the nra. >>> also ahead, the phone call that had fighter jets scrambling to catch up with a seattle bound passenger jet. >>> a firefighter finds himself in need of help after an unexpected obstacle sends him scrambling. >>> you may not have to scrape snow off your car, but you need your winter coat. >>> as we go to break, an inauguration history fact for you. in 1923, vice president calvin coolidge took the oath of office at his father's house in vermont following the death of president warren harding. coolidge's father was a notary public >>> caught on tape. a russian firefighter trying to rescue a family from a burning building gets pummeled by snow and ice. take a look at this. you can see the man climb the ladder to reach the people who are desperate to get out. suddenly that huge mound of snow and ice fell off the building, sent the firefighter down the ladder apiece there. you see that. the man somehow managed to hold on as his fellow firemen rushed up to help him. they ended up rescuing a family and officials say the firefighters were not
of the nra today. at the white house with details. >>> surprising punishments of some distracted drivers involved in deadly crashes are now getting, why are some of these sentences just so light. >> savannah, as you get set to head to the golden globes this sunday, we will announce the oscar nominations. >>> we will go to the flu virus across the country we will go to chief editor dr. nancy snyderman. she's in boston this morning. i know there are serious cases there. >> reporter: good morning. yes. a state of emergency has been declared in boston where they were seeing patients yesterday in the hallway. representative of the strangle hold of influenza is frankly having across communities, i have been now in two major hospital emergency departments in the last three days. i have to tell you, i have never seen anything like this in the united states. >> i am declaring a public health emergency in the city of boston. >> reporter: with 18 flu related deaths in the state of massachusetts alone, boston's mayor is warning the threat is very serious. so far this season, there have been approxim
-control task force. the nra, other gun-control groups, and sportsmen head to the white house today. walmart, the largest gun retailer, will be there. yesterday the task force met with victims' groups and gun control supporters who they they were encouraged by the conversation. the task force expected to make recommendations in about a month. >>> new this morning, two families are out of their homes because of fire. first in prince george's county. a fire started in the basement of a home in mitchellville. it happened around 2:00 on the 3200 block of lottsford vista road not far from route 50. as you see, the fire spread to the rest of the house. no word on if anyone was injured or how the fire started. and in fairfax county, a fire started on the back porch of a townhouse in oakton. it broke out just after midnight on bushman drive not far from i-66. the fire went to two alarms as it quickly spread throughout the home. everyone did get out okay. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >>> this morning, robert griffin iii begins his road to recovery. he's in florida where he had
the law, and the nra actually doesn't oppose it. i think we have -- this is the best chance of getting something done, and i think you're going to find much broader support than we've ever imagined. >> it's interesting, senator cruz. the president said to those americans who live in states like your own where there are very strong gun rights representatives, you're the ones who have to rise up and pressure those senators and congressmen to demand an assault weapons ban, a ban on magazines. and i wonder if the national rifle association has helped his cause with an ad that was released this week that talked about armed security guards, the president skeptical those could work, did not rule it out. but talking about the president's children and that issue of security. watch a portion of that ad. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools? >> over the line? >> look, i'm going to let people to decide to run what ads they want. i do think there's a fu
in 2007. now, the nra is out with a survey this morning that it says shows the true view that gun owners have on the current gun control debate. the gun lobby polled 1,000 of its own members. they say that 91% support laws keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill. but 93% also oppose a law requiring them to register their guns with the federal government. the nra says the first survey to accurately represent gun owners. >>> president obama will travel outside the district for the first time of his -- for his second term next week. he is headed to las vegas. the president made numerous stops in nevada while campaigning and defeated mitt romney in that state. the white house is not releasing any details about the trip. >>> today mitt romney will be in d.c. for a luncheon hosted by two of his biggest campaign fundraisers. philanthropist katherine rein old and bill mayor jot jr. are hosting at the j.w. marriott hotel downtown. romney rejoined the board of directors of the hotel after leaving to run for the white house. the former presidential candidate chose not to attend the in
with gun rights advocates, including the nra. this is all in advance of the administration's push for new gun laws in our pre-newtown era. our white house correspondent kristen welker was there. she is with us tonight from the north lawn. kristen, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening to you. trying to maintain momentum. vice president biden met with victims' groups and gun safety organizations here at the white house today and laid down a new political marker. meeting with his gun safety task force, the vice president said the white house is prepared to act if congress does not. >> i want to make it clear that we are not going to get caught up in the notion, unless we can do everything we're going to do nothing. it's critically important we act. >> reporter: sources close to the talks say among the executive actions, the president is considering expanding background checks for gun purchases. >> without an act of congress, without any help from the legislature, there isn't really that much that the executive branch can do. >> reporter: south carolina republican congressman jeff d
police. >>> the head of the nra heads to capitol hill today to tell lawmakers why he doesn't believe a ban on assault wep onts or universal background checks for gun buyers will make this country any safer. wayne la pierre will be one of the witnesses to testify before the committee holding a hearing on how to reduce gun violence. former astronaut mark kelly whose wife is gabrielle giffords is scheduled to testify also today. >>> top republicans are voice concern over the immigration reform. the president laid out his plan yesterday in las vegas. it calls for bolstering border security and cracking down on employers hiring undocumented workers. they want to make a path to citizenship to others. they would have to pay back taxes and pass a background check among other requirements. >> these 11 million men and women are now here. many of them have been here for years. the overwhelming majority of these individuals aren't looking for any trouble. they're contributing members of the community. >> if this had endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the easiest, quickest
-fire maryland and nra will raise awareness about assault weapons ban. to night i talked to a prince george's county detective. he tells me they're still investigating the shooting death of markel ross. live, prince george's county, capital heights, shomari stone, news 4. >> tomorrow president obama will reveal what could be the most significant immigration reform effort in years. this one is getting bipartisan support after hispanic voters proved to be an important voting block last november. in the plan, undocumented workers would have to pass a background check, pay fines, and back taxes for probationary status, and then wait to earn a green card. the congressional hispanic caucus met with the president about the proposal supposed to be tough but fair. >> the president confirmed that this was going to be a legislative issue of highest priority to get passed this year. >> i think it is tough in the sense that the waiting time to become a resident might be indefinite at this time. >> republicans say enforcement has to be a big part of the effort. so this doesn't become an amnesty program.
. the nra does what it does. the ad is factually incorrect. i think, you know. this is not about me. i ask tough questions on both sides on my program. people sometimes want to make me a political target, which i shouldn't be. in this particular case, they're taking on an argument that's factually untrue. the only protection they get is from the secret service. that's true of all kids at that school. >> pretty long no comment. your assignment on inauguration today i? >> i'll be with brian williams and savannah guthrie. we'll be watching it all happen and talking about the next term. >> >> wee be watching it with you. >> david greg do i recall from "meet the press." one of the most famous symbols in the world, the presidential seal. meet the local artist hard at work on it. >>> an attacker throws down a woman outside a grocery store. >>> and a woman feels like she wasn't a victim until she had to deal with the police. >> they didn't listen to me, they don't believe me. >> this group says -- a human rights group says the woman is not alone. more on the accusations. >>> plus the southern snow
nra ceo wayne laperriere. lester? >> kristen, thank you. >>> it's been a long, cold week for many folks in the eastern half of the country the south in particular dealing with conditions that many in the region are neither accustomed to nor prepared for. >> reporter: the sounds of winter. a windshield wiper straining to clear the ice. the roar of a salt truck. and the pelting of sleet on a window. freezing rain and ice made travel a nightmare throughout the carolinas. 29 people hospitalized. hundreds of traffic wrecks just in the charlotte area alone. folks around here don't take so kindly to this sort of thing. >> losing control and slipping and sliding. i hate it. i'm a good old southern boy. i don't like cold weather. i don't like ice. i don't like snow. >> reporter: the frigid temperatures in tennessee left trees looking like ice sculptures and forced paramedics to skate to victims. in virginia, snow was the problem. interstate 81 clouded by a mix of white powder and brown slush. in chicago, an historic streak was finally broken. the city's first inch of snow in 335 days. to t
change on guns, on immigration, on tax reform. plus, that hateful nra ad this week that used the president's daughters serves to remind us how the country adopted this family over the last four years, and we will talk about the role and the vision of the white house. and join us for a great roundtable. now for a look at what is coming up on "meet the press," here is david gregory. >> good morning, and on the eve of the second inauguration, the capitol has two issues, guns and the national debt. we will talk to two key senators, shuck schumer and senator cruz. and joe scarborough joins us, and david axelrod, and chuck todd here to talk about the numbers in a new poll. that's coming up on "meet the press." >>> and shortly after "meet the press," president obama will be sworn in at a private ceremony at the white house. and earlier today vice president joe biden took his oath. sotomayor swore in the vp. >>> and the families travelled to church for services set to start in a few minutes. and today's services is celebrating president obama's second inauguration as well as the mart
gun owners, the nra's positive rating is 62%. among nongun owners, 25%. >> we're powerful to the extent that we are because there are millions and millions of americans who truly care about second amendment issues. >> reporter: of course, this was part of an extensive look we did in this poll on the president, where he stands going into the second term, as well as all of washington. and it won't surprise you, brian, to find out if it's possible, americans have grown more pessimistic about its leaders here in d.c., and worse, they think washington is hurting the economy. the whole poll is on our website right now. >> boy, those numbers didn't have much far further to go. chuck todd in our d.c. newsroom tonight. thanks for all of it. >>> weather is making news tonight. a very large winter storm system has left quite a bit of snow on the ground from the deep south, and we're talking about mississippi, alabama, rare snow on the ground there, to the mid atlantic tonight. systems moving fast, but the snowfall where it's falling is heavy and intense. there is one sto
president at the white house. >>> this morning the nra's president speaks out to us in a live interview. >>> and absolutely brilliant. that's how the duchess of cambridge is describing her first official portrait this morning after attending its unveiling with her husband, prince william. do you agree? we'll let you decide "today," friday, january 11th, 2013. >>> from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," countdown to the golden globes, with matt lauer, live from studio 1a, and savannah guthrie, live from los angeles. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning, special split edition of the show. i'm matt lauer. >> morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie, in los angeles. matt, just like you asked, i got here early. i'm saving you that seat on the bleachers right across from the red carpet. you're going to have a great view on sunday. >> yeah. hooray for hollywood. it's going to be a lot of fun. obviously the biggest stars from television and the movie industry will be walking that red carpet. what else is coming up? >> we'll have that and, of course, we'll talk
to be critical to counter balance what the nra is doing at the grassroots level on the other side or the nra is going to win it again. >> the partial banner talking about in maryland, we lifted -- the ban ran out on rifles and assault weapons in 2006, and we are proposing basically to expand it back to the future, back to where we were before not only on the state level but the federal level. these laws have been in effect before. >> we ran into the same thing at the state level. the challenge politically then was we had state senators and delegates that felt pressure from gun rights advocates to not having the gun ban extended, and we have to take a lesson from that and we need to make it work at the state and federal level. >>> we will take a break and continue our discussion on "viewpoint" right after this. >>> welcome back to "viewpoint." we are talking with the states attorney mccarthy and glenn ivy who co-wrote an opinion piece in the washington post and offered their own set of recommendations for reducing gun violence in the nation. glenn, you say the approach has to be comprehensive
with new gun control measures. >>> but it was the nra's turn this morning. what the group's president said compromising. >>> and boeing's newest and most technologically advanced plane is getting a >>> yesterday, the nachlt ra joined the dpis cushion and said the task force has a agenda to attack the second amendment. this morning on the "today" show, matt lauer asked the vice president why they aren't closer to a compromise where the white house. >> we have a profound disagreement with this administration, first of all, on what would make a difference. we don't think that a bannen so-called assault weapons which hadn't worked in the past will work this time. we think many of those proposals are basically, feel-good proposals and what we really need to do is get to the question of why this is happening and what can be done about it. so, i don't think there's any lack of concern about dealing with the problem. i think there's a very different view as to what the problem is and how to solve it. >> vice president biden says he will present hid recommendations to president obama on tuesday. >>
pierre, the head of the nra. he will argue that not only will a ban on weapons not work. he'll cite a study that it didn't reduce crime in '94. he'll say a universal background check is unreasonable as well. that criminals would never get a background check and those are the people you're targeting. we'll hear from mark kelly, the husband of former congressman gabrielle giffords who was shot in arizona two years ago. they've started a lobbying group for -- while kelly will say he's a gun owner and believes the mra does a lot of good work when it comes to safety, he completely disagrees when it comes to universal background checks and that's when he and his wife, congresswoman giffords will focus on as necessity lobby for more gun control efforts. >> tracie potts on the hill, thank you. >>> the anne arundel county board will hold an emergency meeting to remove john leopold from office. he was found guilty of misconduct in a courtroom yesterday. he was accused of forcing county employees to -- to put up election signs in 2010. the judge will allowance a sentencing date tomorrow. they
legislation, conservative republicans are backing the nra. >> i fail to see how passing additional laws that the department of justice will not enforce is going to make america any safer. >> it's clear common ground on gun control may be hard to find. in the washington, i'm danielle lee, nbc news. >>> there was so much emotion during giffords' testimony, we decided to bring it to you in its entirety. we'll let you hear her full statement coming up at 4:30. >>> here's a live picture of the beltway at route 50 in prince george's county. this is the area where a truck, a tractor-trailer and fire truck collided, shutting down the beltway during the early morning hours. right now one lane is still closed on the inner and outer loops. seven peeped were injured in that accident, which also involved an suv. four of the injured are firefighters. one suffered extremely serious arm injuries, taken to a hospital in baltimore. late this afternoon authorities revealed the fire truck was making a u-turn in an area marked emergency vehicles only. the lights were not flashing, and the siren was off. at
feinstein. she says it includes an exception for 2,000 sports weapon. the nra says the second amendment forbids any weapons ban. >>> students from the catholic university began gearing up for tomorrow's march for life rally. the annual demonstration begins on the national mall at noon on friday, continues with a march to the steps of the supreme court. march organizers expect an even larger crowd than last year when 4,000 showed up. >>> if you're going to be around the national mall, expect a traffic jam. several streets will be closed from as far west as 12th street east of the capitol, north to f street. all of these closures will be in effect by noon. some streets won't reopen until about 6:00 tomorrow night. >>> the secretary of the interior is getting behind the effort to preserve the national mall. ken sal czar issued a order aimed at protecting the recent improvements to the mall. it includes the major rehabilitation project that's currentlyficf go o new grainage and irrigation system is being installed. it also covered the turf replacement that's been going on between 7:00 and 1
of the nra. >> the national rifle association says it's gearing up for an all-out battle, insisting that gun bans make no one safer. vice president biden is spearheading a public push for new gun ledge hags that will strengthen background checks, limit high capacity ammunition magazines and get assault weapons off of america's streets. >> this is about action. no more talk. if not now, when? >> the american debate over guns hitting home in the nation's capitol. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> the nra's vice president wayne la pierre is set to testify during wednesday's hearing. he says the nra will not budge on any of the suggested measures. angie? >> today a community will pay their last respects to a gallaudet university professor who died in a fire. laura snyder gardner and her daughter mary ann died wednesday morning in a house fire in falls church. both were deaf. snyder gardner taught math at gallaudet university. e also helped coach the girl's soccer team at the model secondary school for the devon gallaudet's campus. the memorial service is at 2:30 this afternoon at gallaudet
obama introduced several proposals he says will help reduce gun violence. nra executive vice president, wayne la pierre will answer questions today, so will retired astronaut mark kelly, gabrielle giffords' husband. >>> martin o'malley is expected to push three major pieces of legislation during the state of the state address this morning. a sweeping gun control bill, repealing the death penalty and a third attempt to put wind turbines off the coast of ocean city are likely topics. for the first time you'll be able to chime in. residents can submit questions on twitter using #mdsots. the address is at moon in annapolis. >>> boeing new about o problems on the batteries on the dream liners before they were grounded. nippon says before two battery fires on board the dreamliners, the airline replaced ten pat riss in its aircraft several months ago. the airline reported it to boeing but not to safety regulators. after the replacements were made, the airlines said some had to be replaced again. all 787s around the world are grounded pending an investigationment. >>> 6:07 now. we continue to
that mentioned president obama's daughters. in the ad, the nra references the security the obama daughters receive at their school and calls the president hypocritical about gun control. in a statement just released, the organization's top lobbyists said the ad was ill-advised and says the ad was not particularly helpful. this just in to the news 4 live desk, i'm keith russell. >>> new highly contagious strain of norovirus is spreading not just across the nation, but around the world. the strain isn't particularly dangerous, but it is nasty and spreads fastest in places like schools, cruiseships, and nursing homes. more than 21 million americans get infected with norovirus every year and cases usually peak in january. tonight on "news 4 at 5:00," doreen gentzler will tell us how bad the virus is getting in our area. >>> a new report about the flu shows us it's still widespread in most states across the country. but there are some signs the illness is tapering off in parts of the east. as erika edwards reports now, some folks are coming up with unusual remedies. >> reporter: while many swea
. >> that's the nra president this morning on the "today" show. president obama's did not include a national registry or a forced buyback. keane said he's opposed to reviving the ban on military-style assault weapons and those high-capacity magazines because he said the ban was not effective the first time. >>> gun control is expected to be a big discussion as mayors from across the country meet today in wug washington and the conference begins with a luncheon this afternoon. michael bloomberg is co-chair of the group "mayors against guns" and he plans to lobby lawmakers to the president's gun control package. >>> and we have the luxurious view stand that the city leaders will watch the inaugural parade. the district spent more than $300,000 on the stand. he says he expected the federal government to reimburse the city for that construction and he says it draws attention for the district's battle for a voice in congress. the front of the stand reads, a more important union must include full democracy in d.c. >>> 11:09. >>> coming up, a developing story out of algeria and a hostage situation
's wrong-headed approach." meanwhile on, friday, the nra was criticized by one of its own members for running this ad which brought the president's daughters into the debate. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? >> reporter: jim baker, head of the group's federal affairs division, reportedly disagreed with the commercial. the nra telling nbc news, "differences of opinion are common to organizations throughout the country." the flap underscores how divisive the issue of gun control continues to be. political analysts say the president doesn't have a lot of time to get congress on board. >> he's not going to spend a whole year doing it. at some point you have to have votes. it's almost like the health care process over again, where it drains resources. >> reporter: white house officials say on tuesday president obama will travel to las vegas, nevada, to talk about another big goal for his second term. that is immigration reform. political analysts say the clock is ticking for him to get something done on that issue, as well. lester? >> kristin welker, thank you. >>
children are dying and now is the time to pass gun legislation. wayne lapierre the nra vice president says the government should not dictate what people can lawfully own. >>> police in arizona are searching for the gunman who shot up an office building and killed one person. police say the 70-year-old suspect got into an argument with some people in that phoenix building when he pulled out the gun and started shooting. two other people were also critically hurt. >>> a top ranking democratic senator is being questioned about trips he took to the dominican republic. this week, federal agents removed dozens of boxes from the office of a prominent florida eye doctor, whose trips with senator robert menendez prompted an ethics complaint and the senator recently wrote a $58,000 check for two flights to the company owned by that doctor after questions arose about the trips. >>> a squatter who took up residence inside a multi-million dollar florida mansion must now get out. the eviction papers were served on wednesday to the 23-year-old man who called this $2.5 million mansion home for about a mon
and from corporations. this, as new jersey governor and prominent republican chris christie blast an nra ad that uses the president's children to make its point. christie called the ad, quote, reprehensible and said that children of lawmakers are off limits in particulars. >>> manti te'o was arguably the most marketable player but now a hoax revealed an online romance with a woman who never existed. questions remain about whether te'o was involved in the hoax or just a victim. the uncertainty could affect the team's willingness to draft te'o come april. he has been projected as a top ten pick. >>> toyota has settled the first in a xwroop of hundrgroove of h pending wrongful deaths by unintended acceleration of toyota vehicles. they reached an agreement with the toyota of a utah man and woman who were killed when their camry careened into a wall. >>> today readers are remembering pauline phillips, who died thursday. along with her twin sister, ann larnds, she now created the column, always writing with a dash of wit and wisdom. phillips was 94 years old. >>> are you in the market for a house
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